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vScheduler 24x7 Features:

Video: Add a video file from your harddrive location.
vManager will try to analyze the file and inform you about duration and compression type.

Audio: Add a audio file from your harddrive location.

Image: Add a single image file from your harddrive location.
This is useful when you have to fill some time until your next event is scheduled.

Photos: Add a folder from your harddrive location. The pictures from this folder will be presented as a slide-show.

PowerPoint: Select a Powerpoint presentation from your harddrive location.
The slides from this ppt will be presented as a slide-show.

Colour: This will show a HTML colour image, again useful for clean transitions into live shows.

Manual: This won't do anything, so vMix is free for manual operation.
Schedule "Manual mode" whenever you want to do live shows,
so vScheduler 24x7 won't disturb your performance.

vMix Input: First manually Add input in vMix & Copy the full name of the input, Click input on vManager & paste title name, set the duration manually.

Xaml: Add Xaml files from your harddrive location.
(Note: Make sure Xaml files compatibile with vMix, Xaml files not removed automatically, use Remove Input if you wish)

Overlay (1-4) (In/Off/Out/Zoom/Toggle): Enable or Disable already added Overlays in vMix.

Set InputMultiview Overlay: Change Overlay in Input MultiView according to Value parameter. use SelectIndex to select Input field.

InputMultiview On/Off/Toggle: On/Off/Toggle InputMultiView Overlay For Input At Index.

Record Start/Stop/Toggle: Recording Start/Stop/Toggle.

Streaming Start/Stop/Toggle: Streaming Start/Stop/Toggle.

External Start/Stop/Toggle: External Output Start/Stop/Toggle.

Script Start/Stop/Stop All: for a working Script, Which is already configured in vMix.

Dynamic Script Start/Stop: Start/Stop a dynamic script using code specified as the Value.

Snapshot: Create a snapshot image of the current Output.

Count Down: Add a Countdown timer to an upcoming event time to Display in vMix.

Key Press: Press a Keyboard shortcut key, Which is configured in vMix Shortcuts to perform the particular function.

Set Text: Change Text in Title according to Value parameter.

Text Colour: Change Colour of Text in Title in HTML format (#xxxxxx).

Set Image: Change Image in Title according to Filename or empty to clear. SelectIndex used to select image field.

Remove Input: to Remove Input which is present in vMix.

(Set Zoom, PanX, PanY Settings for Video, Image, Photos, PPT, Colour)

NOTE: Some functions may not work depending upon the vMix version Installed.

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