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FREE Demo version (Limited Features - Unlimited Time) available in Downloads.


Full Featured version cost: ₹4250 - 4250 Indian Rupees (India) OR 60 US Dollars (All Other Countries)
Contact with your Details.
Complete the Payment process to receive Download link.


Download & Install vScheduler 24x7 Full version,
Generate code by Clicking the ID button, It will be saved as VSCHID.txt
in User documents folder & Copied to clipboard.
With the following details: Send an email to from your regular Email ID.
Generated Code, Your Individual/Company Name, Communication Email ID(s) & Payment Confirmation.
You will get an Email confirmation after Full version activation.

NOTE: 1. Make sure your PC is connected to the Internet, Before opening vManager/vController for the first time,
Once you got activation confirmation.
2. Recommended System Time format is 24 Hour.


Reinstalled or Upgraded/Updated vScheduler 24x7, Will activated automatically on Same PC.

vScheduler 24x7 Change log:

(Build 2018.09.30)

Get Title/Duration by I/P No. for:
  I/P | LIST, Remove I/P, Overlay (1-4) Tgl/In, Set IMV, IMV On, IMV Off, IMV Tgl, Set Image, Set Text, Text Colour, Count Down
Loop Off/On for I/P | LIST, Start PlayList
Start PlayList
Stop PlayList
Independent Stream Control for Start/Stop/Tgl Stream (Requires vMix 21+)
Zoom/PanX/PanY for Xaml, I/P | List
Updated Shortcut Keys for KeyPress
To Excel changed to Save .XLS
Minor Changes in UI
Minor Bug fixes
Updated Help file

I/P | LIST, Start PlayList - Limitations:
If vMix/vScheduler 24x7 stops by any means, After restarting vMix/vScheduler 24x7, there is no option to retrieve current event in vScheduler 24x7

(Build 2018.08.30)

Add PowerPoint Presentation
Add any HTML Colour (In place of "Add Black")
Set Zoom, PanX, PanY Settings for Video, Image, Photos, PowerPoint & Colour
Revamped UI
Removed Time Presets
Fixed Transition time
Get Duration Button for vMix I/P
Check New Version / Update
Minor Bug fixes

(Build 2018.06.30)

Change Default IP Address (
(Now, vScheduler 24x7 can also run from a separate PC on the same network from the one with vMix installed**)
Fixed vController Settings not saving automatically

(Build 2018.06.14 - Since last version of MacJaeger)

New functions addition:
-Add Xaml file
-Overlays (1-4) In/Out/Off/Zoom/Toggle
-InputMultiView Set/On/Off/Toggle
-Recording On/Off/Toggle
-Streaming On/Off/Toggle
-External Output On/Off/Toggle
-Scripts Start/Stop/Stop all/Dynamic On/Dynamic Off
-Set Text
-Set Text Colour
-Set Image
-Countdown To
-Remove Input

New transition effects addition:

Fixed Photos-Slideshow not playing automatically
Fixed Next file Transition/Playing little early
Save schedule to Excel sheet
Fixed some bugs