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FREE Demo version (Limited Features - Unlimited Time) available in Downloads.


Full Featured version cost: ₹4000 - 4000 Indian Rupees (Approx. 58 US Dollars)
Contact with your Details.
Complete the Payment process, Receive Download link.


Download & Install vScheduler 24x7 Full version,
Generate code by Clicking the ID button, It will be saved as VSCHID.txt
in User documents folder & Copied to clipboard.
With the following details: Send an email to
Generated Code, Your Individual/Company Name, Communication Email ID(s) & Payment Confirmation.
Full version will be activated.

NOTE: 1. Make sure your PC is connected to Internet, before opening vManager/vController for the first time,
once you got activation confirmation.
2. AV may treat vScheduler as Virus, Its a false positive.
Disable AV Real-time Protection temporarily, Install vScheduler;
Add vManager, vController to Exclusion List after Installation.
Enable AV.
3. Recommended System Time format: 24 Hour

vScheduler 24x7 Change log:

(Build 2018.06.30)

Change Default IP Address (
Fixed vController Settings not saving automatically

(Build 2018.06.14 - Since last version of MacJaeger)

Fixed Photos-Slideshow not playing automatically
New transition effects addition
Add Xaml file
Fixed Next file Transition/Playing little early
Save schedule to Excel sheet
Fixed some bugs
New functions addition:
-Overlays (1-4) In/Out/Off/Zoom/Toggle
-InputMultiView Set/On/Off/Toggle
-Recording On/Off/Toggle
-Streaming On/Off/Toggle
-External Output On/Off/Toggle
-Scripts Start/Stop/Stop all/Dynamic On/Dynamic Off
-Set Text
-Set Text Colour
-Set Image
-Countdown To
-Remove Input

Known Issues: 1. "Transition time" isn't working, Will be fixed in upcoming version.