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vScheduler 24x7 version Comparison:

vScheduler 24x7 Comparison

vScheduler 24x7 Demo version - Download Links:



    Google Drive:







    Filename: vScheduler 24x7 Demo Build 2018.09.30.exe
    Language: English
    CRC32: BF8C3E6E
    MD5: EB667E0698C387A33AA8D08077DD142C
    SHA-1: F42808AF29BC8AB2CADB25FD8EB7829250245E24


    Download & Install vScheduler 24x7 Demo version,
    Open vManager or vController,
    Generate code by Clicking the ID button, It will be saved as VSCHTRIAL.txt or VSCHID.txt
    in User documents folder & Also Copied to clipboard.
    In your mail, Paste the Code from the clipboard or Attach the VSCHTRIAL.txt or VSCHID.txt file.
    NOTE: DO NOT send Screenshots.

    With the following details: Send an email to from your regular Email ID.
    Generated Code:
    Individual/Company Name:
    Communication Email ID(s):

    IMPORTANT: Activation will be done within 24 hours and You will get an Email confirmation after activation.
    DO NOT send activation requests more than once for the same ID.

    You can use Demo version FREE forever*.
    If you are interested in Full featured version, Buy it.

    NOTE: 1. Once you got activation confirmation, Before opening vManager/vController for the first time,
    Make sure your PC is connected to the Internet.
    2. Recommended System Time format is 24 Hours.
    3. Recommended Screen Resolution: 1366x768


    Reinstallation on the same PC doesn't need any reactivation.
    If you want to install on the New PC reactivation is required. For that, you have to send the New ID.